My Testimony of Salvation
John Miller
“I Believe In Miracles”

I know what it is going to feel like if you do not have Jesus in your heart when he comes. He showed me that. needless to say, I was scared almost completely to death.

The Lord spoke to me on July 26 1998 about 15 minutes after midnight. I had been under conviction for about 4 months… I was so miserable, I honestly thought that I was going to die and go to hell. I made up in my mind, I wasn’t going to let that happen. I would seek the lord until he saved me. I realized a few weeks before I was converted, that it was not in my hands. I couldn’t save my self, nor could anyone else except the lord.

That night, about an hour before he spoke to me, I could feel his presence. The only way I know how to explain it is, I was full of faith. I saw that there was a light. I do not mean I actually saw a light, but I knew it was there. I said Lord, I know your here, I can feel you right down in my life. The lord reminded me how miserable I had been over the last 4 months trying to live righteous on my own. Trying to clean up this natural man worthy enough for heaven, and then he reminded me how I had got no where like this. At that moment, I said Lord, the next time I get around sin or a woman (which was a huge weakness for me, I am single) I am not going to fight it anymore, I am just going to trust Lord, that you will not let me sin I believed with all my heart that he would protect me…The instant that came out of my mouth he said that’s right son, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, because you can’t stop it. When he said I saw righteousness! I felt as though I could have reached out and touched it. I honestly saw it for an instant. Then I felt as though the Lord had given me his righteousness…(a man believeth unto righteousness, with the mouth confession is made unto salvation) I said Lord, I believe you just saved my soul!  Then I ran in and called my brother (he was converted about 5 months before me). When he answered the phone, I told him, he first said quietly, that’s great then he began to shout in a real high pitch tone (sounded like an angel) and he cried loudly the Lord has just let me know that he has answered my prayers he received a huge blessing. The Lord blesses all in different ways, but my favorite is that taste of heaven, that heavenly blessing of love and peace that I have felt. I love the Lord with all my heart, and I believe if you receive true salvation, the Lord’s righteousness will keep you for eternity, I know we make mistakes, but I have a fear that stays with me and keeps me. I am thankful for his righteousness. God bless you and your family from a true born again Christian. Bless the Lord…amen.