Jackie Wheet,
Bowling Green, KY.

I was fortunate enough to be blessed with parents that knew the Lord and took me to Old Union Missionary Baptist Church in bowling Green, KY. since I was a baby. I was always told by my parents and by the preacher that when I get old enough, God will let me know when I am lost. I wasn’t really sure how I was supposed to feel. When I was around ten years old, I realized I was lost and felt that conviction. It was a terrible feeling, mostly because I knew that if I died I wouldn’t be in heaven with my family. I started going to the alter during revivals but had a hard time trying to let go of everything. The devil was dealing with me trying to distract me and think of other things. Soon it started to be a routine to go to the alter and pray and then go home.

In 1987 Old Union had their two week summer revival. Our former Pastor Paul Bryson had come to help Jerry Reynolds in the effort. I was fourteen years old and by this time I was so miserable and under conviction that I didn’t enjoy very much of anything. I was scared to go to hell and it started to become such a reality to me. I knew I needed to get serious about being saved or that is where I was going to spend eternity. I had already wasted around four years of my life in this condition and I hated feeling the conviction. I needed relief and didn’t want to go another year like that.

The first Wednesday night of the revival I had went to the alter just as I had the following nights before. I can’t remember who preached but their was alot of people on the alter seeking God. Someone on the alter was saved and their was rejoicing all around. I wanted what they had and knew that God was their to save me if I could just pour all my heart and everything I had out to him. As the service continued a couple more sinners were saved. This was a very spiritual service and people were shouting all over the church. All of this made me feel worse and worse. I tried to pray harder and harder until I didn’t know what else to do. It felt like I was praying so loud that everyone could hear me and that was something that I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to draw more attention to me but by this time I wanted to be saved so much that I wasn’t worried what others thought. I didn’t even seem to notice what was going on around me. I had blocked every thing out and just called out to God. It seemed then that something happened, the burden was gone and I wasn’t worried anymore. I thought God saved me but the devil was telling me that it wasn’t it. I started praying again but the more I prayed the more I felt like I had to get up and tell someone what happened. I still had doubts, I had been lost for years and now it was all over, the devil wouldn’t let me accept it that easily. Finally the only thing I knew to do was to get up and tell the church what happened. It was such a blessing and I was so happy. Before the night ended about seven or eight people had been saved.

I joined the church the following night and was baptized at the end of the revival. For some time the devil still tried to put doubts in my head. The following year I was at a youth weekend in Bolivar, MO. The services were very spiritual and I received such a blessing that I knew that I couldn’t feel this way if I didn’t have God in my soul. God had assured me that I was saved and have not doubted since.

Since then God has continued to bless me and prove that he is there for his own.

I have learned as a Christian, that if you follow the Lord and not the world that God will take care of you and you will be more happy with your life. God has recently blessed me with a Christian wife in December of 98. She is the Daughter of David Bryson and Granddaughter of Paul Bryson, both preachers. She joined Old Union and we pray that we will follow God and serve the church as the Lord allows. The Lord Blessed me with salvation that gets sweeter ever year and I owe the rest of my life trying to serve and praise God.