Danny Walkup
Saved May 15, 1997
“The Lighthouse”

My name is Danny Walkup, I have been saved by the Grace of God since May 15, 1997.

Being born in the fifties my life started as most in the post war dream.  The future was something to look forward too.  My first “religious” experience was around the 7th grade. Then when around the age of sixteen, I “walked” the aisle, was baptized, became a member of a church, and thought “Everything is OK now.” I would go through several “religious” experiences over the next 25 odd years.

1981 would start the onset of the darkest period of my life.  Immorality, pornography, and alcohol would be the fuel for this period of devastation. By 1989 the manifestation of sin in my life was at it’s hey day. 1991 would end with the ashes of sin’s promises sifting through my hands. 1992 would be the start of a new era.  While many areas of obvious sins were somewhat toned down on the outside, the inside still was a playground for Satan.  Alcohol was attempting to have it’s way, in order to finish the job.  1996 would land me in rehab. It was here Satan would again attempt to entice me with a another deception, this time through A. A. (note: while A. A. may and does stop people from drinking, thousands of sober people will spend an eternity in Hell because of it’s doctrines!) My ears were tickled by it’s lies, however it wasn’t long before the bottle was opened again.

 Late 1996 and early 1997 brought another attempt to be “religious”. In the middle of this fiasco was when the Godly Sorrow came from the Holy Spirit’s Conviction, and I cried out to Jesus Christ.  Now His Blood is applied to my life, and I am eternally secure within His arms. It is not through my own power or might, only through His Blood, shed on the Cross! Although I had gone through all the motions in my life, I still lacked that time and place of when I called on the name of Jesus Christ. However on May 15, 1997, with one breath, my eternal destiny was forever settled!