Ken Foltz
Submitted 2000
“Love Lifted Me”

When I was 7 years old I was sitting in the middle pew at Jericho Missionary Baptist Church in Independence MO.  I suddenly had the most awful heavy feeling in my heart. My mom asked me if I was sick and I told her no,  but I was. I went for years never feeling it again. I was terrified that I had just passed up my only chance for salvation.  By the grace of God I once again felt that conviction.  Every time I went to the altar I would cry and pray and cry and pray.  I asked the Lord what I had to do. He said stand up and say you’re saved.  I wouldn’t do it.  The devil was trying to convince me that I couldn’t stand and say I was saved if I wasn’t. That would be lying.  Many times I’d come down to the altar and every time would get to that point and just quit.  Finally I got so scared that I didn’t care what anyone thought. I was at Spring Branch Missionary Baptist Church in Independence, MO praying in the altar and as soon as I got up to say it the most unbelievable feeling of sweet peace rushed through me. It was as if you’d ripped the roof off and opened all the windows.  The Lord had saved me just the moment before the words came out of my mouth.  I just had to have the faith to believe and trust in Him.  The next day the devil was all over me trying to convince me that I didn’t get saved that night.  I stayed home from school the next day just crying and praying.  Terrified of what the church would say if I hadn’t been saved.  I was just sure they would think me a liar and have nothing to do with me.  Just then the phone rang.  It was one of the sisters from the church. She said, “Kenneth, I didn’t even know if you were going to be home but I just wanted you to know that no matter what the church loves you and is praying for you.” The tears rolled harder than ever.  I went back that night and got down in the altar and asked the Lord to show me if I was saved and He rolled a picture up in front of me of that very moment when that sweet peace came. I have never doubted it since.
I am so thankful that my God loved me enough to send his only Son to die for me.  I can tell you that I would lay down my life for anyone but would never give any one of my Daughters.  But praise God, His love surpasses mine.
It is such a blessing to know that there are people all over this world that are still trying to seek out the old paths. Sometimes we tend to think that because we are few we are alone. But praise God one day soon we will shout on the streets of gold as we meet, greet and hug each of our brothers and sisters. I don’t have a hope so, or maybe so salvation…..I have a KNOW SO SALVATION.   I pray the Lord blesses each and everyone.

Your brother in Christ,
Kenneth Foltz