Testimony of Salvation
Jon Medlin
“My God Is Real”

I was saved in the second week of June, 1995, during Revival at Palm Tree Missionary Baptist Church.  I had realized that I was lost about 6 years prior to that.  On the opening day of Revival, Eld. Ron Spurgeon preached on AHell@.  This scared me because I knew that if I died, Hell is where I would be.  I felt that conviction at this time, heavier than I had ever felt it before.  But, I let the devil tell me that service was almost over then I could go eat and would feel better.  This was not the case.  God removed the hunger that I had for food and my burden got worse.  I could not eat anything.  I just sat and thought about the sermon that Bro. Ron had preached.
Later that day, there was a singing.  The Palm Tree Youth Group was singing, and I was supposed to sing with them, but I did not want to because I did not feel right.  I knew that I did not have what the rest of the youth had and that I was separated from God.  After the singing and a break, the night=s service began.  We opened with a few more songs.  During the second one, I went to the altar and began to pray.  After a while of praying, my burden was lifted away.  I wondered what had happened, so I went back to my seat and began to pray more.  During this time God told me that he had saved me.  When I looked up the congregation was singing AMy God Is Real@.  At this time I understood what they were singing about and I knew for sure that God had saved my soul.

Call To Preach
Jon Medlin

God revealed to me in March of 1997, while at school, that He wanted me to preach His word.  I shrugged it off with the excuse that I was too young and I thought nothing more about it, until the first week in June.  God then laid a heavy burden on my heart that I was to preach His word.  I, once again, tried to use the excuse that I was too young, but the burden stayed with me this time for about two weeks.  I was very confused and did not know what to do.  I asked a few of the preachers at Revival that year, what I should do.  They all said to pray and make sure that God was really calling me.  I did, but still thought that I was too young and that I did not know enough about the Bible.
On Wednesday, June 11th the preacher mentioned that he felt that somebody was holding something back.  I knew that it was me, but I continued to fight it.  Service closed and I still had not announced my call.  The next night, Thursday, June 12, 1997, I was really burdened at a baptism we had.  I knew that I was supposed to announce my call at church that night.  Services started with a few songs.  Bro. Ricky Hackett stood and asked if there were any prayer requests.  After a few requests were made, I announced my calling to the congregation and the great burden was lifted.  Since that time, I have not preached the way that I should, but I ask for your prayers that God will help me to do more.